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ABOUT Dr. Abrol Panchkarma and Research Center

Dr. Abroal Clinic Research Centre is a unique centre in North India, situated in the heart of Holy City of Amritsar. This centre has gained a ground in recent times for its special classical style of Ayurvedic treatments & Panchkarma procedures. 
This centre is specialized in Ayurvedic treatments of Rejuvenation Massage (Kerala Traditional Massage) which rejuvenate the whole body and also anti ageing, Abhyangam (General Body Massage), Swedanam (Herbal steam bath), Udvartana (Weight loss Masage), Nasyam (It can prevent the diseases of ear, nose, throat and head), Sirovasti, Shirodhara (It is mainly for insomnia, loss of memory, head ache and tension), Pizhichil, Navarakizhi (For all types of joint pains), Elakizhi/Partra Pinda Sweda (For chronic back pain, loss of function of a part and muscular pain), Janu Basti (For knee joint pains), Kati Basti (For back pain), Thalapothichil.

Ayurveda the 'Science of Life' is a system of traditional medicine native to India and practiced in other parts of the world as a form of alternative medicine. In Sanskrit, the word Ayurveda consists of the words āyus, meaning 'life', and veda, meaning 'related to knowledge' or 'science' evolving throughout its history, Ayurveda remains an influential system of medicine in South Asia.The earliest literature of Ayurveda appeared during the Vedic period in India.The Sushruta Samhita and the Charaka Samhita were influential works on traditional medicine during this era.Ayurvedic practitioners also claim to have identified a number of medicinal preparations and surgical procedures for curing various ailments and diseases.

Dr. C S Abrol

Ksharsutra Surgeon, Anorectal Specialist

Doctor's Profile

  • Interviewed by leading newspapers.
  • Dr. Abrol intends to bring about a consciousness to physical as well as mental well being in the people. Through various highly effective Ayurvedic Therapies, profound knowledge and wide experience.
  • Dr. Abrol Specialist in operating pile mass, fistula, fissure in ano, sentinel tag by medicated thread known as ksharsutra no need of admission in hospital it's very effective ancient Ayurvedic procedure.
  • Dr. Abrol intends to make Ayurveda a powerful medicinal tool of healing but also a lifestyle for sustainable wellbeing.

Dr. Amita Abrol

BAMS, Ayurvedacharya, Regd CCIM, Panchkarma Specialist, Fellowship in neurology rehabilitation (Apollo),
Pgcmd(Hyderabad), Diabetes Specialist, Infertility Specialist

Doctor's Profile

  • Interviewed by leading newspapers.
  • Organized number of workshops on Ayurveda, Life Style and stress management
  • Keynotes speaker on Life Style at various leading organizations
  • Years of experience in personal psycho-counseling
  • Specialist for PCOD management and Female related disorders.
  • Extensive research on Panchkarma